Fading Light

Walking along the twisted Path

The Fading Light could be seen in the Distance

It was very clear as they maneuvered along Path, that night would catch them before they reached the Light

The Forest Trees, begin to look like crowds of people moving in on them. They continued to press through determined, not to Stop

The darkness saturated Night. Night creatures and sounds were in full Orchestra. How they wished to be safely, in the Truck back, on the main, headed to the Beach

Sightseeing so late in the day, was not the brightest idea. Thinking back now, they should have stayed on the main Road. Especially, since this was a detour, not a planned Stop

It they got stuck out here, no one would know…The Warning Sign read, “DO NOT ENTER.” Nothing was around, they were in the middle of no where headed to Beach Resort

Even both of their Cellphones powered off at the exact same time with no connection to the outside World

They had no camping gear or heavy clothing for this sudden drop in temperature. Both of them begin Sniffling and Shivering. This is the one time the both hoped this was a Dream


The Fading Light could be seen in the Distance

Giving hope to the lost, even when we take, unexpected Detours

Instead of staying the Course

The Light will always give hope in the darkest of places. Even a Fading Light can Lead you Safely Along the Way



18 thoughts on “Fading Light

  1. Well written Yonnie! We all too often take those detours in life, but as you said, we can follow that Light to get back on the road to safety, even if the Light is fading in the distance It will still guide us right. Have a great day Yonnie.

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    1. Humbled. I appreciate you reading so intently, you have definitely captured the essence of the writing. As it is true to life. Steve thank you so very much for your wonderful and encouraging comment. 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading so intently and capturing the essence of that moment, through those words.

      Haha… that is exactly how it feels and looks each I’ve experience it.
      I love the adventure of it.

      However, in a real situation as such, there is hope.

      Liked by 1 person

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