💜Relationship Talk: Matters of The Heart💜

Matters of the Heart Can Be Painful
Be Understanding, Listen Intently
Never Ignore, Be Supportive
Touches Gently, Comfort Deeply
Expressive Communication is Key
Your Heart Is Guarded Naturally
By God’s Divine Design
The Heart Is Vital Organ
Encased by the Rib Cages, Like A Precious Jewel On Display
The One Who Desires Special Interest to the Gateway Of Your Heart Will Not Paint You An Oasis
He Will Endow Your Heart With Love, Honor, Truth and Respect
Seeking and Valuing In You
You Will See The King 👑 in Him as He Embraces  You As His  Queen👑
InHisCare 🙏

19 thoughts on “💜Relationship Talk: Matters of The Heart💜

  1. When you find such a prince who fills your soul, he is royalty. Keep him! I found one this side of heaven – and for 57 years I have been blessed as he fills my “Heart With Love, Honor, Truth and Respect, Seeking and Valuing” me. Ah yes, God is good! I did nothing to deserve this – except to try to give back what I have been given. ❤ ❤

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    1. I love You Jan, such an inspiring reality. You are truly blessed. God is truly Good. That is it words of the wise such a lovely heartfelt and true comment. It has me crying tears of Joy! Such beautiful words! Love You Jan! 💜🌸

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