Let’s Talk…Relationships

Friendship is a wonderful, if not one of the best relational starting places, if your seeking or desire a mate. However, if either party has been through some crash and burn relationships, dealing with trust issues and anxiety etc. Take a Break. Redirect your focus from just trying to find the next date or relationship.

Allow yourself time to heal and take that time to discover or rediscover yourself. Learn to love and appreciate you. Take some time read a 30-Devotional, do some Journaling, and Meditation. Speak daily words of Affirmation to set your day, then before winding down. Learn to relax, deep breathing exercises, enjoy your life, pamper and treat yourself.

A healthy relationship is made up of two whole individuals who compliment one another. So many times what happens people to often get into a relationship to fill a void. That void could be from a childhood experience, previous relationship, or issues that have not yet been dealt with that may require one to seek a medical professional help.

Whatever, the case maybe know your value and you are worth the wait. You deserve to be healthy and happy.



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Came to Life after reading a question on Twitter. 💜🙏


“Lemonade,” anyone “Monogamy” is a must read it is beautifully and creatively written by eMAGINE.

Blue Fences

yellowYou call it bitter, sour, overbearing, confining… a much too powerful concentrate.
I love you.
Is that okay?
I do not care to share or ration my passion.
But I promise you will feel no pain.
This luscious lemon love drops between us. Cleansing Citric Rain.
As yellow as the sun, right down to the last of its lagging rays.
A luminous yellow Moon glowing beyond the bay.

I want you to stay.
Is that okay?
Please come and be my Eve.
A garden of heavenly yellow dreams- in yellow daisies, we shall lay for seven nights and seven days, with nothing but vibrant love, face-to-face, quiet love, living in shade, whispered love, just for me and you to hear. Never let it go astray. Only let it swing and sway between us and our mason jar of the sweetest kind of lemonade.
Golden yellow treasure we must embrace……

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Lights, Camera, Action

Like a movie 🎥 the words you wrote painted a picture so. I didn’t want it to end.

It is very beautifully written. Each word was selected carefully. as to be clear. It manifested so much clarity that I watched it on the “Big Screen” three times.

Reciting each line, word per word, as if I had the part of the Leading Lady.

Continue Projecting and Breathing Life into those ruffled papers📝.

Your tool of choice maybe actually be a Laptop 💻 or IPhone 📲 or all of them. Get to work continuing the journey as you encourage, offer life changes, and transform your life.



You Are Chosen💜

Have you ever felt unwelcome?

Like you were the uninvited guest?

Ruled out, invisible and not heard or even overlooked?

Society may rule you out…

People on the job and school may attempt to rule you out…

It maybe some of those who are closest to you, like friends and even family members who rule you out.

Stand Strong, in the Lord and in the Power of His Might.

Know that you are not forgotten…

You are Beloved…

You are not Overlooked, but found.

God sees beyond the “Blindside” and the “Necked Eye” of Man.

He sees Your Purpose …

You are Chosen

He sees Your Heart ❤️

InHisCare 🙏


The Windy Day Adventure

Windy 🌬 Wind, Blowing…

Breezy, Gliding, Easy…

Leaves 🍁 Teasing…

As the windy 🌬 winds keep blowing the leaves all around. They seem to be following me, chasing me circling me surrounding me.

It looks like a whirlwind? Shall we dance 💃 or should I just stand here, enjoying the moment.

A strong gust 💨 picks up…

Swirling, Twirling around my shoulders and towards my head, it is as though time stood still, as a leaf 🍁 comes in for the perfect landing onto my shoulder.

“Hello” Leaf, so beautifully colored. Your fashionably orange, looking very crisp and free with your Pointed-Clover Touch.

Oh my, How did you find me?

Do you know my name? Are you all the same. There is something unique, something very different about Leaf 🍁.

You found me and landed on my shoulder.



Special Thanks

I just want to say thanks to all of you for the love, likes and encouragement. I was excited and blessed last month to reach 500 likes.

I was deeply humbled and grateful for getting the notification. It meant a lot. So thank you from my 💜 to yours for your reads, likes, and comments.

As you probably can guess I enjoy stopping by to read your blogs as well. #ThankingGod



Health tip # 24

We need Water 💦 To Survive.
Read the Reblog Health Tip #24 by Chiru.
Before you ice that water down, find out “What Benefits You May be missing out on 💜
Enjoy 💦


Hot Water

Water of course is the most essential drink we all know. Drinking water is important to keep body free of toxins and make you fit. It is said that hiccups is a symptom that indicates water level is low in the system. Now you know why we drink water to stop the hiccup.

Drinking Hot water has more benefit than you think. A glass of hot water is the secret to good health and clear skin. Here are some healthy benefits:

  • Drinking hot water not only act as a cleansing agent but also purifies your body by preventing toxins you attract from the food.
  • Drinking hot water both soothes and activates your digestive tract. As the water moves through your stomach and intestines, digestive organs are better hydrated and able to eliminate waste.
  • Drinking water before you go to bed will provide your body with water and the time to clear…

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Let It Go…🌬🌬🌬

Hurt can hurt…

Hurt can be painful…

Every hurt is not the same.

Some hurt is seen…

Some hurt is hidden, covered even silenced.

All hurt is not the same.

Some hurt numbs, desensitizes, deflects into pain, it’s not the same.

Cry Out, Be Healed…

Help is available when you need it.

Let the Lord comfort you and dry those tear-stained eyes.

Cast your cares upon Him. He cares for You.

Let go of the silence, you have a voice.

Be heard, tell someone…

Refuse to be silenced…

Acknowledge the hurt, release the pain.

Be Free…

Forgive quickly, it is a process.

You can do! Your more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.

Release it, let it go, don’t allow it to grow any longer or take root.

Don’t harbor a grudge in your heart.

Release it, let it go,

Let God make You Anew

Let Love Abound 💜