It’s Still raining, a continuous flow of precipitation,

Will it flood this time?

Raindrops hit the glass window, will it endure; a shatter not a hush,

Pounding, Sounding getting louder; there is dancing on the roof,

Could it be, I will love to see a Fiddler on the roof.

A stage performance, an encore song of Brigadoon,

The rain hitting up against my window pane, the dancing on the roof.

What a match to be exact, a Matchmaker is at work,

The wind joins in, giving things gigantic spin as the tap and dance all night.

The temperature is dropping,

There no stopping,

Its been a rainy Winter Day



Heart Ache

Blazing tongue of fire 🔥

Careless words spoken

Emotional distress, much needed rest

Did you love her? Was any of it real? Or was it a just thrill?

Were you just marking time or just something to do at your convenience

The dips and circles, the twist and turns.

Became quite confusing before the fall.

Like Rollercoaster🎢 , going at full speed about to take the last loop down the track.

The late nights, the early morning hours

Sacrifice of time filled with thoughts of you

Was it a dream or just misplaced love

Mistaken Identity





Photo Graphics:

  • Mako at Seaworld

  • Orlando Florida
    • The Monster at Adventureland
  • Des Moines Iowa
  • 💫 Shooting Star 💫

    There is nothing like seeing the wonder of a Falling Star ⭐️

    Each one of us looking and pointing up with great excitement of praise

    Voices lifted high are crying out tonight

    Falling Star, Falling Star 💫 where will you land

    Make a wish, do it quick, catch me, if you can

    A Star ⭐️ has landed, landed now

    Embracing my very Heart



    Hiding….Relationship Talk

    Love and Forgiveness go hand and hand, both are matters of the heart. Both are important in any relationship. It is vital to communicate, acknowledge and take ownership when situations need to be addressed.

    Avoidance only opens doors of confusion, distrust, deceit… which the enemy does attempt to use to sow seeds of discord in the heart ❤️ and mind.

    Communicating the truth in Love, coupled with forgiveness makes one Free. “And above all things have fervent love among yourselves: for love shall cover a multitude of sins1Peter 4:8

    Ultimately, by communicating the truth in Love, it will help any relationship to move forth into new heights of trust; blossom and growing together in Love.

    Chords of agreement will formulate a bond of strength which build stronger and solid relationships that bring unity. There will be no need to hide any longer, embrace being transparent and watch flourish



    Hot Chocolate Please

    You will need Supreme Cocoa with a hint of Chocolate French Vanilla

    Mix with water 💦 from a Tea Kettle

    It will warm you real good

    Put it in your favorite cup

    Sip or Drink, right up

    Taste so deliciously good, let it soothe your woes,

    Make you smile, even dance a while

    It will embrace your heart from the start

    Taking your very breath away

    For only a moment, it will skip a beat

    Causing our hearts 💜❤️ to sync in rhythm once more

    Your smile in the morning will glow

    The Chills running down your spine will cease.

    Hot Chocolate with Cocoa and touch of French Chocolate Vanilla works magic.


    InHisCare 🙏

    Relationship Talk #2 Priceless Love 💜

    So Real, So deeply expressive..

    Love is a reality.. so many times it can be missed and even taken for granted. Caught in it’s own demise, mask distraction.

    It may get lost at sea 🌊 , like a Priceless Treasure. Maybe even forgotten and hidden under a bushel. Real Love shines bright. It is the Light. It is not afraid to Lead the Way.

    The passion of Life seems real nice, gravitate there.

    You see, Real Love will breakthrough. Push through every barrier making things new. The Ultimate Love, the ultimate sacrifice. Reality shun but, never bowed.

    Standing Strong Victory….

    Love Conquers All

    InHisCare 🙏




    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu.

    Drop The Mic 🎙 On Worry

    Drop the Mic 🎤 on worry.

    Stop worrying about whether they really care for you or not.

    God Cares for You,

    He Loves You, right where you are.

    God knows exactly where you fit.

    Put your confidence in the Lord.

    Allow him to direct your path.




    Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7