Pause…Thank You


Pause…is what I’m to doing right Now

Pause…to Say Thank You Lord for another Day

Pause…to Say Thank You for Everyone

Pause…to Say Thank You for being You

An Attitude of Gratitude is what my heart feels Now

A Special Thanks to:

    Sadje Keep It Alive-

    Fishermen of

Both of them have nominated me for a Mystery Blogger Award. I am so very Honored and truly Humbled

I had to Pause…I am very Grateful to you Both

Pause…Checkout their Blogs


InHisCare 🙏

Know Me…

Do you hear Me…

Are you There…

Are you real or just a Dream…

Do know my name or do you treat us just the Same…

Do you really desire a Relationship

Are you trying to see how far you Get

Since I am fearfully and wonderfully Made

Unique and Created by Design

You can’t drop those empty Words

Hoping to reap behold treasures

She is a Priceless Queen

You may know my Name

That doesn’t mean you Know Me

Seek my Father,

Know my Heart

Only By the Spirit



✨Shine Bright ✨✨


You laughed the Stars ✨
Into the Sky

They exist because of You

Each shines so bright, against the dark night Sky

Not a Cloud is present, It’s the clearest of Nights

Gazing up, the Stars ✨ filled the sky from thousands miles Around

We take pleasure in the beauty of your unique Creativity

Stars so bright, can be seen twinkling in the Night

God’s Grand Laughter, each Twinkling Star can’t compare to the Love He has for You and I




Cubby created the first two lines with her writing prompt: Laughter.