The dim Light from Lamp on the table

Reminded me of a soft Yellow Moonlight during the Night

All that could be heard was humming noise in the Background


Whispering voices of a song Unheard

Faded tenderly, as the car drove By

Sleep is entering My Zone, it is time to Rest

The humming is singing a song

What a Day it has Been…

I made it through Again…

So grateful for a nights rest…

Refresh for tomorrow, A New Day



Autumn Breeze

Blowing leaves ๐Ÿ

Yellow, Orange, Brown and Green.

Blowing in the afternoon breeze.

Brown leaves your dry, arched and wrinkled.

I even hear you crinkle as you roll across the side walk, into the street.

Where are you going?

I think ๐Ÿค”

It is such a fantabulous day!

The squirrels are even Celebrating!

Jumping, playing and dancing along the Old Hollow Tree.

The Sun is shining brightly,

The sky is Tru-Blue,

No clouds to be found for miles around.

The Rainfall has passed away.

Enjoy your Autumn Day ๐Ÿ‚



Waiting…Worry Less

Sitting, watching, waiting as names are called.

Some people are anxiously waiting, while others arrive late. There are others who are grumbling words underneath their breath, they question “was this a mistake.”

She opened the door as if not to disturb anyone, offering a joyous smile. Her Positive attitude was intoxicating, the receptionist and staff behind the glass window smiled with excitement because she there.

I know she had to feel the eyes beaming on her back, but she didn’t seem to mind at all. As she turned to find a sit. I could see those beautiful light-brown eyes, beaming the room in search of a seat. Someone moved their things, so she took the seat, right next to me. We exchanged salutations and shared encouraging words.

“Live in the Moment, Relax and Worry-Less.”

Love and Kindness seem to fill the room, it was as though everyone took a deep breath.